We Welcome New Patients

We accept new patients of all ages. You will have the opportunity to meet with our team and get to know Dr. Park. We are committed to educating you about your dental needs and will answer any questions you may have concerning your treatment.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of dental care available today. Thank you for your confidence in our dental office and we look forward to meeting you.

Your First Visit With Us May Include:

  • Comprehensive oral examination
  • Full mouth digital x-rays
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Oral hygiene instruction
  • Teeth cleaning
  • One-on-one consultation with our dentist to discuss your needs, concerns, goals, and treatment options

During your visit, we will answer any and all questions about your oral health. We will provide a detailed financial consultation to ensure your treatments are timed effectively and affordably.


Routine dental visits include specialist consultations, thorough check-ups and teeth inspection, teeth cleaning, counseling, and many more.

Yes, we do offer a dental savings scheme through which you will enjoy 30% discounts on dental procedures ranging from routine teeth checkups and cleanings to major works such as extractions, RCT, and dental implants.

We are a fee-for-service and PPO practice. We accept most PPO insurance plans.

When preparing for the procedure, we recommend that patients take a day off of work. If possible, you may want to take a couple of days off. It is normal for teeth to be somewhat sensitive, and it is easier if you don’t have to worry about meeting clients and keeping up with your busy schedule.

Yes, there are a few alternatives to braces which includes retainers, clear aligners, and veneers. The orthodontists may advise you on suitable alternatives after examining your dental alignment.